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Mar 2, 2013 1:30am PST
actually be persuasive to the court. >> i think the arguments they make about hr and law and tax, that would speak more to the supreme court than emotional arguments about how they feel when they have to tell someone they can't not discriminate. >> this isn't just liberal california. this is businesses. this is goldman sachs. >> and the court is taking this up on march 26th. 26th and 27th. and so we will watch and see. >>> well, all right. time now for something we haven't seen much of in a while. news that bay area home prices are nudging upwards. yes, you heard right. upwards. carolyn, is this a sign of a rebound in real estate? >> it is indeed. basically what we have here is economics 101. basic laws of supply and demand. there's more buyers out, and they're chasing a limited pool of homes. and that is, you know, what will make prices ratchet up and it already has been happening over the past year and it's expected to continue happening in this coming year. so why are there more buyers? the economy is better. people are more confident about their jobs. mortgage rates are at incredib
Mar 9, 2013 12:30am PST
press" based in santa cruz. welcome, everyone. yesterday, thousands of law enforcement officers came together in honor of santa cruz police sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler, shot dead last week by a suspect they were questioning about a sexual assault. the memorial was so big, organizers moved it to hp pavilion in san jose. mm martha, you were at the event. what struck you about it? >> it was really a sad, sad day. it was shakingly sad. there came a moment when one of the officers' partners picked up their son, 5-year-old waukeen. he has his mom's hat over his eyes and holding a teddy bear. you just see this is a kid who's never going to have his mom again. and, you know, her longtime boyfriend just said that he had promised her when he had seen her body that he would always take care of these kids. there were so many people who just loved both of these officers. >> this was really kind of an unprecedented outpouring of grief for santa cruz when they decided to move it from kaiser permanente arena downtown to hp pavilion, it was clear they weren't sure exac
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)